EN Microtunneling GRP Pipe Systems

ID de Proyecto: [000056]
País: Emiratos Árabes Unidos
Ciudad: Abu Dhabi
Año: 2001
Agua Residual
Instalación: Jacking
Largo Total [m]: 24000
Diámetro Nominal DN [mm]: 400 | 1800
Diámetro Exterior [mm]: 401/427 | 1842
Presión Nominal PN [bar]: 1
Rigidez Nominal SN [N/m²]: 10000

Down in the Emirates

The ground conditions were very poor and soil consisted of layered mudstone, gypsum and sandy-silt with a high ground water table. The total project was divided into several contracts, whereas the biggest part was realized by the local firm. This section consisted of approx. 24 km in a diameter range of DN 400 to 1800 and HOBAS received the order to supply half of the project. HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems were installed with a special concrete surrounding. The reason for the reinforced pipe is the tunnel boring machine, which has a certain diameter. The size of the machine does not have to be changed when the diameter of the GRP Pipe varies. The main reason why HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems were taken was the smooth and highly corrosion resistant inner liner.

  • EN Microtunneling GRP Pipe Systems
  • EN Microtunneling GRP Pipe Systems