Croatian Highway Bridge Drainage Systems

ID de Proyecto: [000143]
País: Croacia
Ciudad: Karlovac
Año: 2000 - 2001
Instalación: Superficie
Largo Total [m]: 7490
Diámetro Nominal DN [mm]: 150 | 450
Diámetro Exterior [mm]: 168 | 478
Presión Nominal PN [bar]: 1
Rigidez Nominal SN [N/m²]: 2500 | 10000

One of the biggest construction sites in Europe

Due to their light weight, HOBAS CC-GRP Drainage Pipe Systems enabled a quick and easy manual installation. Furthermore, HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems have a high abrasion and corrosion resistance, and are highly resistant against UV radiation. «This characteristic is particularly important because the pipes are constantly exposed to sun light. The excellent chemical resistance of HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems is also very important, especially in the winter time, when the bridges are exposed to highly aggressive drainage water, thus providing new quality standards in Croatian bridge construction», says Mr. Fedor Drausnik from the HOBAS Office in Zagreb. These projects included 5360 meters of DN 150 – DN 450, SN 10000 – SN 2500 for the Dreznik Viaduct, 1200 meters of DN 300, SN 2500 for the Dobra Bridge and 930 meters DN 250 – DN 300, SN 10000 for the Dubrovnik Bridge drainage. Thanks to the low expansion coefficient of the HOBAS Piping Material, the differences between the thermal expansion of the bridge material and of the HOBAS CC-GRP Pipe Systems can be compensated by the HOBAS Couplings.

  • Croatian Highway Bridge Drainage Systems
  • Croatian Highway Bridge Drainage Systems